Abolish Prisons/Destroy White Supremacy


Artist: Francis Mead
12" x 16"
1- layer, Handmade Screen Print,100# Cougar archival paper, Printed in Oakland 2018
10 available for purchase

From Francis
"white supremacist violence and the destruction of Black and Brown Indigenous families is the foundation and ongoing rule of the amerikkkan colony and all its borders and global empire. I’m tired of seeing Black n Brown children and people hunted and put in cages, im tired of seeing Black n Brown people and children murdered by the state for existing. I’m tired of seeing my people suffer and be traumatized over and over again. And no politician, law or treaty has ever provided a solution because they are the problem. As a mother my rage and grief feels even more overwhelming and at times I feel so powerless. But I know that’s exactly what the oppressors and this toxic system want. I know that we must keep on resisting because our ancestors want us alive and thriving. And I don’t claim to know exactly how to resist, but I do believe with the depths of all my heart that we must look to each other for protection, power and liberation, and that we must keep building autonomously out of this system. And I’m gonna keep on creating and honoring Black and Brown Indigenous people because we beautiful and the soul of this world despite all we continue to go through and endure."