Resist (M.C. 2017)


Original price $20
Melanie Cervantes
12 x 18
2-Color Screen Print,Pink Archival 100lb Paper, Printed in San Leandro, CA 2017
These prints were inspired by the work of Sister Corita Kent as well as the massive mobilizations of people in cities all across the US protesting Ban #1 at airports. I saw an exhibit of her work in Portland and loved the electric color palette and the heavy use of text. Alot of her work is about her Catholicism and some of her work about political struggles of the time. She was heavily influenced by Pop Art.

The second and third lines of text are a quote from Assata Shakur's July 4, 1973 "To My People" address which was broadcast widely on many radio stations. The text of this address can be found in Assata Shakur's autobiography.