We are Fighting!


Jesus Barraza
9 x 12 inches,
4-Color, Hand pulled screen print, Cougar 100# Archival Paper, Printed in San Leandro CA 2017.

As a kid of the 1980s I remember the call for action to save the world from environmental degradation. At the time we begun to hear about the destruction of the ozone layer, something that was caused by car pollution and aerosol sprays. But over time we have seen the complex nature of climate change and the devastating effects it is causing on our world. Still, those in power are still acting like banning aerosols or creating more car pool lanes is going to solve the problem. They hold gatherings to discuss solutions and still they walk away with minor changes that continue to allow corporation to continue business as usual. But people all over the world have begun to demand more and put themselves in the way of projects that espouse progress and profits. This fight is nothing new to them; it is a continuation of the anti-colonial struggle that has been waged for centuries against those who pray to god for more profits. But today the fight for the environment is a fight for the future and this weight is on everyone’s shoulders. Not to save the planet because she will survive us, but to save the people from climate devastation.