Assata Shakur (2023)


Institutional pricing (libraries, universities, for use on tv/movies etc) . Please contact us for invoicing : $250

Melanie Cervantes
18" x 24", 4 layer handmade screen-print (including metallic bronze skin tone)
Canson XL cold-pressed watercolor paper, 140lb, acid-free
Printed in San Leandro, CA (September) 2023
Edition of 43 prints, Dignidad Rebelde's studio symbol as a dry embossed seal in left hand corner

After the surgery which removed my lung cancer I listened to the audio book version of Assata’s biography. Listening brought out appreciation for different elements of her stories. Her time spent with her grandparents in North Carolina, her internal process for critiquing how people engaged community politically and reflections on the conditions of incarceration in particular. I listened several times and eventually wrote to the voice actress/reader to let her know I appreciated how she made Assata’s words come alive for me as I was holding on desperately to my own life.