Genocide is Not Justice (Fundraiser, 2023)


Jesus Barraza
2-Color, Handprinted, Screenprint, , Printed in San Leandro, CA 2023
18" x 24"

Four currently available

We are making a very limited number of Palestinian solidarity posters and prints available as a fundraising tool to help us produce and disseminate political posters to the community for free. Here in the Bay we have been taking posters, developed in concert with Palestinian organizers, to mobilizations however we are going through supplies very quickly. We are in need of resources to buy more paper and will be using 100% of the sale of these prints so we can purchase more materials and give those posters to people in the streets.

With your purchase you are buying a means to distribute free hand silkscreened political graphics. We still hand make works because the labor of love and spirit go into each piece and we value that process. Thank you in advance for the support.


This print was created in 2009 as a response to the Israeli war on Gaza. The first run of this poster was used to put up in the streets, to pass out in the streets as picket signs and to support groups organizing around the issue. This second edition was printed due to the prints popularity which is reflective of the alignment people feel with the political statement it makes about Palestinian self-determination and liberation.