In Lak' Ech (Square, 2019)


Institutional pricing (libraries, universities, for use on tv/movies etc) . Please contact us for invoicing or a custom listing: $60

Melanie Cervantes
12" x 12"
3 color screen print, Printed in my kitchen in San Leandro, 2019

According to acclaimed Xicanx playwright Luis Valdez "In Lak’Ech is a timeless Mayan precept I incorporated into a larger poem called “Pensamiento Serpentino.” More specifically, I inherited In Lak’Ech directly from the late Professor Domingo Martinez Paredes of the National University of Mexico in the 1970s. He was the renowned author of several books on Mayan thought and culture, and I had the privilege of being personally tutored by him. The meaning of the phrase is affiliated with the Mayan definition of the human being, which they called “huinik’lil” or “vibrant being.” In this regard, we are all part of the same universal vibration." In Lak'Ech translates to Tu eres mi otro yo or you are my other me.

-Dark red on fire red with peach text on pink paper, 110lb/270 gsm acid-free Astrobright Pulsar pink paper--ONE REMAINING
-Blue on blue with white text, 110lb/270 gsm acid-free Astrobright Lunar Blue paper
-Metallic pink and gold with light pink text, chipboard
-Purple and pink with blue text, 100 lb Cougar Digital Smooth Cover
-Yellow and orange with red text, 100 b Cougar Digital Smooth Cover

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