No War (2013)


Institutional pricing (libraries, universities, for use on tv/movies etc). Contact us for invoicing or a custom listing : $40

Melanie Cervantes

14 x 11 inches

2- color, Strathmore Two-Ply Bristol Archival Cotton Paper, Printed in San Leandro, 2013

The design for this poster was developed as part of a workshop led by Malaquias Montoya at the Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer in Woodland, CA.

Each student was asked to create a simple two-color design using all hand done methods. I used Rubylith (red in color) which is masking film that is cut with an Exacto or similar knife to create an image on a clear backing sheet.I cut two films one for the orange and one for the brown.

The content reflected my feelings toward the never ending occupation of countries in the Global South. War, what is it good for?