Original Drawing: Heart to Heart


Institutional pricing : $262.50
Melanie Cervantes
8.5" x 11 , Black India Ink on Archival Strathmore 500 Series plate surface 100% cotton paper, 2013

Original print image is listed for reference only
This drawing was inspired by artist Rini Templeton. It started as an ink and pen doodle in my notebook that I later simplified and refined to have lined that paid an hommage to Rini.
For two decades Rini Templeton made "drawings of activists in the United States, Mexico and Central America while she joined them in their meetings, demonstrations, picket lines and other actions for social justice." Rini has been a huge inspiration to me for both the beauty of her aesthetics and style and for her unwavering commitment to social movements. This year I have committed more of my time to experimenting with my drawing and printmaking style and as part of that effort I will be creating works inspired by some of my favorite artists.

"Heart to Heart" pays hommage to Rini and to the power of physical human touch.