Rigoberta Menchu (2009)


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Melanie Cervantes
20 x 26
5-Color, Handprinted, Screenprint, Archival Coventry Rag Paper, Printed Self Help Graphics by Joe Alpuche, 2009

I created a portrait of Rigoberta Menchú Tum, a Quiche-Maya from Guatemala, in order to lift up a woman who has helped call attention to the genocidal policies that have been carried out against indigenous people. It is important to understand Rigoberta's story. She helped her family with farm work as a young person and attended school where she received up to an eighth grade education. She was also a major proponent of women's rights when she was only a teenager. She has been recognized for her activist organizing against violations of human rights and genocide committed by the Guatemalan army. In 1991, Menchú participated in the ongoing preparation by the United Nations of its Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which was most recently ratified. Menchu was the 1992 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in recognition of her social justice and ethno-cultural reconciliation work based on respect for the rights of indigenous people.

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