Solidarity with Egypt:: Solidarity with Tunisia (2011)


Institutional pricing $90
Melanie Cervantes

20 x 26 

1-Color, Handmade, Screen Print , Neenah Archival Paper, Printed in Oakland, CA 2011
A design I originally created as a downloadable poster. This print is designed in the tradition of OSPAAAL (Organization of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa & Latin America) a Cuban political movement with the stated purpose of fighting globalization, imperialism, neoliberalism and defending human rights. The have created a vault of political posters to support freedom fighting world wide and promoted Third World solidarity. I have a wonderful book called "the solidarity poster" that catalouges all of their works. I found a poster in that book from 1969 with the slogan "Victory Will Be Attained by the Peoples Who Struggle for their Liberation" in four languages. I decided to use the slogan verbatim and thought it worked well.
We printed about 120 posters and gave almost all of them away at a march in San Francisco. We kept a small stack to sell to help recooperate the cost of materials.