Viva La Mujer (All Metallic, 2016)


Institutional pricing: $33

Jesus Barraza and Melanie Cervantes
8.5 x 11 inches
Printed in my kitchen, San Leandro CA 2016
Open Edition

This collaboration mixes Melanie Cervantes' portrait of a Xicana drawn a few years ago with a pattern Jesus Barraza pieced together from an ancient Olmec stone stamp created approximately 3,000 years ago. This mix of ancient and new brings together printmakers across generations. The stamp pattern used was one of many that were created to print on fabric and paper and to express the cosmology of the Olmecs. These elements are combined with the feminist declaration "Viva La Mujer" which affirms the duo's belief that sisters must be at the center and at the forefront of transformational social change.

Test prints: metallic gold and burgundy ink on Star Dream Metallic Paper. These prints are sold As-Is.