Ya Basta (Digital 2018)


Melanie Cervantes
13″ x 19″ 100lb Anthem Velvet paper, 2018

Ya estoy harta! The U.S. has an extensive history of abuse and degradation of our folks and the recent policy which tears children apart from their families is widely visible and, of course, repugnant and egregious.

No one, let me repeat NO ONE should be locked in a cage…not parents, not children, not people migrating across land or sea, not folks who can’t pay cash bail, not folks who violate their probation because they got caught smoking a joint. NO ONE!

And it’s definitely about more than private institutions making money from the detention of folks. The carceral colonial project continually builds on legacies of violence. We have to connect the dots and see, as Konstantin Kilibarda notes that its time to dismantle “the architectures of global apartheid that mark certain bodies as targets for continuous surveillance, control, regulation, and violence.”

It’s time to take out the trash and dump the PIC! Are you with me? We got to get these babies back to their families and get these folks out of detention/imprisonment. What are we gonna do y’all? (For now, I plan on screen printing these so that we can get them up as many places as possible especially in the streets).

This poster was the first piece I created for a political issue since I had lung cancer surgery. In my recovery I realized I could accomplish my vision by working in community. I realized together we can accomplish anything. Eight of us worked together to start printing 250 posters to get out to community organizations, spaces, businesses and resistance efforts who are calling to end Trump’s zero tolerance policy, end all detentions and deportations and abolish ice.

International Packages outside of the U.S.: Tracking Included, Insurance optional, contact us for details about cost.