Zapateado de los Muertos (Screen Print, 2010)


Institutional pricing (libraries, universities, for use on tv/movies etc) . Please contact us for invoicing or a custom listing : $700

Melanie Cervantes
20 x 26 inches
6-Color, Hand made, Screen print Heavyweight Archival Art Paper, Printed in Oakland, CA, 2010
After the campus event we would drive to East L.A. for Self Help Graphics annual celebration. There were always great musicians and tons of fun to be had. One year in particular, my last year in Los Angeles, the band Quetzal was performing. The lead singer, Martha Gonzales, was striking. She had half her face painted to remind the audience death is the other side of life and that it is something we will all face.
This print is an homage to Martha. It is part of a series of prints that I am creating to honor the bad ass mujeres whose music consistently inspire me and influences my art.