La Luz Sagrada (2020)


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Jesus Barraza
12" x 18"
Edition of 90
Seven-layer screen-print on Cougar, printed in my kitchen, 270gsm/100lb Digital Smooth archival paper. San Leandro, CA (December) 2020

During my trip to Palestine I visited the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where the Luz Sagrada appears every year, as Xicanx people we have inherited this image through the colonization of our ancestors and through time it has become a central icon in our culture. Like many things the colonizers brought, the concept of the Luz Sagrada was something the Mexica understood and related to their worldview and understanding of the soul and heart as the things that give us life. The sacred heart fire is that one thing that burns within all of us, it gives us life and the strength to endure what life throws at us. As human beings it is one of the things that helps us walk through life and guides us, keeping us on the right path as long as we listen.

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