Por el Maiz y la Vida (2013)


Institutional pricing (libraries, universities, for use on tv/movies etc) . Please contact us for invoicing or a custom listing : $110

Jesus Barraza
13 x 19
3 - Color, Handprinted Screenprint on Dark Grey Neenah Paper, Printed in San Leandro, 2013
Corn has been something sacred to Indigenous people on Turtle Island for a long time, it has been an important source of sustenance and for many an important part of their creation stories. In the past couple decades corn has come under attack, companies like Monsanto have been bioengineering corn and creating mutant strains forcing people to grow the seed they are creating. But there are many people who are resisting, they continue to grow the seeds that have been passed down through the generations, they have taken on Monsanto who wants to control corn production in order to create more profits. It is this resistance to the mega corporations that inspires me, to make me believe that we can defeat them and our peoples traditional ways will continue.