Tlaloc - Agua es Vida (Large print, 2017)


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Jesus Barraza
20" x 26"
2 - Color Screen print, Nehnah Blue Paper, Printed in Oakland, 2017

Water is life, defend your life. It is so simple, we are connected to the land we live on, if the land gets sick so will we. Water is one of the primary things need for life to exist, if we poison the water or we experience drought cause by climate change we will cease to exist. I ran across an article about hydrofracking, where a person talks about the earth being poisoned for thousands of years because of these types of process. It is sad to see how those in charge and the corporations that influence those people are stubborn to change the way energy is harnessed form the earth. The free market is suppose to regulate itself, but that never works, the free market wants to maximize profits, lower costs, in the end what's better for the bottom line is never good for the earth or for humanity.

There needs to be a serious change in the way decisions are made that will take into consideration the future of mother earth and of humanity. Where the financial bottom line is not the deciding factor, but how will an action we take today effect our world 25 or 100 years from now. I wonder how long it will be before the U.S. will stop being so arrogant and accept that the actions of those in power have made have thrown the environment off in such a way that the earth will not be healed for thousands of years and that we are at a crisis point where changes are needed right away.

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