Xochipill - Arte es Vida (Small print, 2019)


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Jesus Barraza
8.5" x 11"
5 - Color, Screenprint, Archival Paper, San Leandro, 2019 Edition of 125

In the past couple years the Galeria de la Raza has gone through changes brought on by gentrification. They lost the space they had been in for 46 years and had to scramble to find a new home. They have an amazing staff that has secured their future in the Mission, as they settled in their temporary home I was inspired by their struggle to create this piece. Arte es Vida. Art has become a big part of my live and I see how ingrained it is in our culture of both as acts of resistance and resilience, art is a reflection of who we are as a people. But as in the case of Galeria de la Raza, we’ve had to defend it, the staff struggled to make sure it had a future home. As we face an uncertain future we know that art will be the thing that keeps us going that inspires us to keep fighting and keep loving and building a future for us.

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